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The mouse monoclonal anti-(His)6-tag antibody, clone 13/45/31-2 (H. Zentgraf/DKFZ Heidelberg, Germany), specifically detects any kind of histidine-tagged proteins in cells and complex cellular lysates. This monoclonal antibody specifically reacts with recombinant proteins containing an epitope of at least 6 histidine residues, located at the N-terminus, Cterminus or at both termini. A higher number of histidine residues leads to an increased binding affinity of the antibody, e.g. an expression product with 10 histidine residues increases the affinity about 10- to 20-fold. In most cases additional flanking amino acids aren’t required for antibody binding, therefore enabling the choice of many different expression vectors on the only condition that the epitope is spatially available.

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